December 2017: FAVORITES

Hey y'all!



How is this even possible? This new year snuck up on me SO quickly. I haven't posted in a few weeks because the holiday season has been so hectic, but I'm back and ready to talk (or type, rather) your ears off! ;)


So recently I've been testing out a lot of beauty products and shopping uncontrollably. I'm sorry (not sorry), but all of the sales are seriously way too good to pass up this year. Bath and Body Works has had like 40 BOGO, BOG2, and BOG3 sales this season. I mean really, like HOW ON EARTH DOES ONE DENY THEMSELVES FREE WHITE BARN CANDLES?! They don't, duh.


So with that being said, today I’ll be sharing everything that I’ve tried and loved during the month of December! Keep scrolling to find out! 

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Fall Family Photos: BTS

Hi, beauties! Welcome back! I'm soooo excited to share all the ins and outs of our fall family photo session we did a few weeks back. I received our gallery a few days ago and I am IN LOVE! We have worked with this photographer for a little over two years, so she is super familiar and in tune with the best ways to capture these special moments between our little family! 

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My Holy Grail Acne Clearing Products

Acne. Literally one of the worst words in the English language. It's painful, irritating, annoying, unattractive, and just down right crappy if you have it. It can lead to depression, social anxiety, and extremely low self-esteem.

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Winter Essentials Clothing HAUL!

Y'all...I cannot believe that I am finally publishing my FIRST BLOG ENTRY! I feel like Gracefully Gold has been in the works for so long now that publishing this post doesn't even seem real, lol! I've dreamt about doing something like this since high school and I am so excited that my dream is finally coming to life. I never thought I would be able to accomplish something like this, nor did I think people would care what I had to say about stuff, but here we are! So, to whoever is reading this, THANK YOU for caring about what I have to say! Now, let’s jump into the good stuff...

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